GTa 2 Bonus CD discussion and download link!

Hello everybody. As you can see, since I bought the domain I haven’t posted much. But I apologize and I’m ready to present you something unique, which many of you may already know. But for newcomers it’s gonna be very interesting!

So here I present you,


So what this little gem contains?

Well, for starters, it contains a fan site named ZAIBATSU which also comes with a few mods for GTa2, articles from that period (2001) and last but not least… GTA 3 BETA PHOTOS and VIDEOS! (from E3 2001)! Though many of them are already available on YouTube, the ones on the disc are the only ones that come in a bit more high quality (240p for the win!)

Some people on GTAForums and other places said the disc is not official though. But since it was bundled with GTa2 back in 2001 and the box seems pretty official, I doubt it’s fan made. Even though the site on it is.

So what do you think?